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Five Days of Face Yoga!

FIVE DAYS OF FREE FACE YOGA TIPS STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX! Sign up here (details below of what's included):

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Find out how to get started with Face Yoga with these daily tips and tricks.

Not sure whether to invest in the 5-week Beginners Programme? Well you can dip your toe in here. You will receive 5 Face Yoga tips over 5 days, straight to your inbox!

See below for more details of what's included.

Day 1

Intro to Face Yoga

In this short video, you'll find out what Face Yoga is, how the 5-Week Beginners programme works and what makes the Glowinface method so effective. I'll also be teaching you the first step of the Week One exercise "Total Facelift"!

Day 2

Skin Care

All you need for Face Yoga is a clean face and clean hands. However, I'm often asked what skincare can be used. Today I will talk about the best skincare to really optimise your face workout to achieve the best results. 

We will also move on to Step Two of the Total Facelift!

Day 3

Posture and Alignment

In this short video I will teach you how to find your optimum alignment for Face Yoga. I'll guide you through a short series of neck and upper spine stretches to set you up for the most effective face workout.

We will also move on to Step 3 of the Total Facelift exercise.

Day 4

Double Chin Hack!

We've found our best alignment for Face Yoga, now let's think about tongue posture. Did you know that you can instantly reduce the appearance of a double chin just by adjusting the position of your tongue?

I'll be showing you how in this short video!

We will then learn the Step 4 of the Total Facelift exercise.

Day 5

Total Facelift!

Follow along with me as we activate every one of the 57 muscles of the face, neck and skull. You will be combining the steps you have learnt in days 1 to 4 with the final step, to activate, lift and tone the facial muscles and revitalise the skin!

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