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Beginners Online
Face Yoga Programme

A 5-week structured online programme following the proven Glowinface method. 

Naturally activate, lift and tone every muscle of the face, neck and skull in a specific, effective sequence for maximum results.

Reduce wrinkles, folds, dark circles and under-eye puffiness. Smooth and revitalise the skin, boost the natural production of collagen and elastin, release tension and improve lymphatic drainage.


All of this with less than 10 minutes commitment per day and without any invasive treatments!



What to expect

Each week you will learn 3 new face exercises.


Follow along with me as I take you through each exercise step-by-step in a series of prerecorded videos.

You will start by activating and lifting the largest, heaviest skull muscles; making room to activate the smaller, weaker muscles in the later weeks. 

In the final week, we will target the delicate eye area.

You will come away with 15 highly effective face exercises you can combine into your own face workouts.

The carefully structured nature of the programme is what makes the Glowinface method so effective.

  • Level: Beginner

  • Duration: 5-weeks

  • Commitment: Less than 10 minutes per day

  • Receive 10 guided videos with LIFETIME ACCESS

  • Downloadable eBook with step-by-step instructions

  •  Downloadable checklist - never miss a workout!

Face Yoga Testimonial
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