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Three ways Face Yoga can help to clear the skin.

A closer look into the three ways Face Yoga can contribute to healthy, clear, glowing skin.

Wrapped up in warm cosy scarf in winter. Scarf over chin can lead to breakouts.

As we head into the colder months, I often find I am prone to breakouts around the chin area.

Especially when I’m wrapped up and huddled into my scarf.

At this time of year, I like to focus my face exercises on those that really boost the circulation to the chin area to help prevent winter breakouts.

But how do face exercises affect the health and appearance of the skin? 

Face Yoga can indirectly benefit your skin health in three ways, contributing to clear skin:

  1. IMPROVED CIRCULATION - by stimulating and activating the facial muscles, we can boost the blood circulation to the skin, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s deepest layers. In turn, this helps to boost collagen production and improve cell turnover, so the skin’s cells regenerate more quickly, helping to achieve a glowing complexion.

  2. BOOSTED LYMPHATIC FLOW - Working the muscles of the face helps to boost circulation and lymphatic flow, speeding up the exchange of waste products and blood rich in oxygen and nutrients. Sometimes the lymphatic system can become sluggish, leading to a build up of toxins, which become stagnant. Face Yoga is an effective way to stimulate and activate the many lymph nodes in the face and neck, allowing these toxins to be flushed away. 

  3. STRESS REDUCTION: Stress can lead to tension in the muscles of the face and body and can exacerbate certain skin conditions, such as acne*. Signs may be tightness in the jaw, headaches or teeth grinding. Face Yoga exercises may help by stretching and releasing tension in the facial muscles. This can reduce headaches, reduce jaw tightness and aid quality sleep, all of which can help to reduce overall tension, and lead to benefits for skin health.

With a few careful skincare choices, you can really enhance your face workout.

It's important to note that:

  • Things may get worse before they get better. As the toxins are flushed away, it is common to experience some blemishes and acne after the first 2-3 weeks of regular face exercises. After this time, with continued practise, blemishes and acne will be reduced and a healthy glow will start to appear.

  • Consistency is key: Like any exercise routine, seeing potential benefits often requires consistent practise over time. After around 2-3 months of regular face exercises you will start to see results, as blemishes and acne start to fade away, the skin becomes smoother and the skin more radiant.

  • Individual results may vary: While some people report a positive impact on their skin after practicing face exercises, it's not a guaranteed outcome for everyone.

  • Make sure you always have clean hands before starting face exercises.

In addition to trying face exercises, remember that clear skin depends on various factors, including your genetics, diet and lifestyle and your skincare routine.

Genetics will significantly influence a person’s skin type and propensity for acne. However, we can give our skin the best chance of glowing by ensuring a healthy diet, adequate hydration, sufficient sleep and by managing stress levels. In addition to this, cleansing, moisturising and applying sun protection appropriate for your skin type is crucial for maintaining clear skin.

With a few careful skincare choices, you can really enhance your Face Yoga workout.


I would recommend using a hydrating mist, followed by a serum. You can use your favourite serum and If it feels too slippery, you can add a couple of drops of Hyaluronic Acid to give you more grip and added hydration. 

You don't need facial oil, but sometimes it is nice to use an oil after your face workout. You will have boosted circulation to the skin, making it more receptive to the ingredients in your facial oil.  Facial oils are also fantastic for face massage or gua sha which can really complement your Face Yoga practise.

Ensure you incorporate the following exercises regularly into your Face Yoga routine to really boost the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the chin area

My 5-week Beginners Face Yoga Programme is a structured online programme following the proven Glowinface method.

You will naturally activate, lift and tone every muscle of the face, neck and skull in a specific, effective sequence for maximum results.

Reduce wrinkles, folds, dark circles and under-eye puffiness. Smooth and revitalise the skin, boost the natural production of collagen and elastin, release tension and improve lymphatic drainage.

All of this with less than 10 minutes commitment per day and without any invasive treatments!

You can find out more by clicking the link below.

Once you have completed the programme, make sure you incorporate the following exercises regularly into your Face Yoga routine to really boost the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the chin area:

  • Bye Bye Double Chin (One and Two)

  • Smiling Face

  • Advanced Neck Lift

  • Total Facelift

Use the slider to see just some of the facial muscles activated with the above exercises.

(Note that the unlabelled image shows the Platysma muscle).

Please ensure you consult a doctor before attempting face exercises if you have any underlying medical conditions or sensitive skin.

Charlotte x

*Yosipovitch, G., Tang, M., Dawn, A. G., Chen, M., Leok Goh, C., Huak Chan, Y., & Fong Seng, L. (2007). Study of Psychological Stress, Sebum Production and Acne Vulgaris in Adolescents. Acta Dermato-Venereologica, 87(2), 135–139.

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